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Our valuable guest comments about our hotel

"Great value and I felt looked after."

This was the third place I stayed in Thamel and the only one I wanted to stay at!

The rooms are clean and have everything you need, although not large. I liked the fact the staff were so open in showing me the rooms before I decided whether to stay and offered me a choice of the available rooms. I stayed in an ensuite room towards the back, which was quite quiet and later a downstairs room without en suite, this was near the front and hence noisier, but they moved me when a room became free. The beds were comfy. You have to buzz to have a shower and wait about 15mins. The solar lightswitch is on the outside of at least some of the rooms. If coming back after about 11pm at night the door is locked and you must knock, this is the same for many of the smaller guest houses, but does feel slightly uncomfortable as people are sleeping in the reception. There are a decent selection of books to borrow and the overall location is brilliant and surprisingly quiet given its in the heart of Thamel.

I did a great trip to Chitwan, organised by the Yeti Guest Home. I cannot say anything about their help trekking as I organised that myself.

I felt the staff cared about the guests and that they tried hard to answer questions and help. There was ALWAYS someone available to help at reception and they helped with a smile too!

There is no computer to use and no food available at the guest house, but there are a lot of restaurants and internet cafes available meaning I didn't find that much of a nuisance.

Check out cookiewalla in the same street.

Overall, of the three places I stayed I would recommend this the most, really enjoyed it! I felt the staff genuinely cared about the guests.

Oxford, United Kingdom

"FEELS like home"

Everytime me and family are at Yeti guest home feels like we are at home.The staffs(nanu,aunty,uncle and bro) are lovely and very helpful.

Rooms are cosy and the location is in the central of thamel so just a few steps ahead you will find the buzzin of the thamel which is always alive from traditional handicrafts to beautiful restaurant and ofcourse nepalese food(dal,bhat).ON A BEAUTIFUL DAY YOU CAN ENJOY THE HIMALAYAN RANGE FROM THE TERRACE OF THE HOME.

what else can you ask for.....looking forward to be in home this year.

Pokhara, Nepal

"Best budget stay in town"

This is my 3rd stay at the Yeti Huest Home. Without exception, our room is spotless and the staff are kind and helpful. The owner is very knowledgeable about Kathmandu and trekking throughout the country. The guest home itself is ideally located near central Thamel.

Great place. Multiple excellent experiences. It is a budget stay but it delivers. Highly recommended.

New Haven, Connecticut

"Great Guest House"

This was the cleanest budget guest house I've ever stayed at. The owner was extremely helpful and arranged for someone to accompany me to a local hospital.

It's located across from a jazz/blues club, so there can be nighttime noise. That's what earplugs are for. I will return to this guest house for sure!

Tampa, Florida

"Yeti Guest Home"

Хорошее место. Владельцы - очень добрые люди. Всегда вежливы и готовы помочь. Цена приемлемая. кровати мягкие, постель чистая, одеяла тёплые, вода горячая, интернет с терпимой скоростью. Одно "Но" - были в декабре и в доме было очень холодно, поскольку он каменный и за день прогреваться не успевал. Спать была нормально, а просто отдыхать - не комфортно. Всё время приходилось быть одетым. Думаю, что в сезон - немного лучше. В соседнем здании находится кафе с живой музыкой и по вечерам бывает шумно, но нам это не мешало - спали как убитые.

Стоит учесть, что всё в Гесте не первой свежести - старенькое, усталое. Но ухоженное. За 8 долларов в сутки, лично у меня претензий нет.

Думаю, что в следующий раз остановимся там же

Astana, Kazakhstan








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